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Sarah Janneh



“NITE feels like a warm bath, like one big family. As an actress, I thrive on this. I therefore think it’s fantastic that I can commit myself to a company that not only strives for progress, but is also pioneering.” (Sarah Janneh)

Actress and singer Sarah Janneh (1994) started her education at the Muziekconservatorium (Academy of Moving and Performing Arts) in Tilburg and was accepted at the Theaterschool Amsterdam in 2012, where she graduated in 2016. Since 2022, she has been associated with NITE + Club Guy & Roni as a permanent ensemble member. 

She played in the NITE-performance Before/After, the performances Witch Hunt, Exit Macbeth, and will be in the next big production by Guy Weizman from March 2023: Yara’s Wedding 

In addition to her theater work, she frequently appears in films and on television, such as in Het Klokhuis, Anne +, Soof 3, and Tropenjaren. 

From the 7th of January 2023, Sarah can be seen as a candidate in the program Wie is de Mol?. 

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