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NITE (national interdisciplinary theatre ensemble) and international dance company, Club Guy & Roni together form the largest interdisciplinary theatre house in the Netherlands.

NITE makes interdisciplinary, energetic, and innovative total theatre. Performances that attract young, diverse, and new audiences in theatres and far beyond. NITE is one of the four major theatre companies in the ‘basic infrastructure‘ (BIS) and is at the forefront of the sector-wide change towards renewal and broadening within theatre. Most of our performances are multilingual and ‘language no problem’, as we tour with surtitles.

NITE and Club Guy & Roni share an ensemble of dancers, actors and musicians. Each ensemble member excels in their own discipline, but is open to collaboration. In NITE’s performances, no single discipline predominates, but an entirely new form is created, a theatre form that grows and evolves the longer the ensemble works together.

(Inter-)national touring

NITE tours several (major) performances at home and abroad every year. In recent years, co-productions have often been made with leading theatre houses such as Schauspiel Hannover and KVS Brussels. We also regularly invite international guest directors to work with our ensemble.

“That multidisciplinary approach is director Guy Weizman’s trademark, but he seems to find a better balance with each performance. In other words, the choreographer by birth knows better and better how to give space to the text and that benefits the expressiveness.” – NRC *****

Started as a movement

NITE came into being after choreographer and director Guy Weizman took over the artistic direction of the Noord Nederlands Toneel from Ola Mafaalani in 2017. With his arrival, international dance company, Club Guy & Roni also moved in at Bloemstraat 38 in Groningen. Soon dancers, actors, and musicians formed a common ensemble that became more and more attuned to each other as the years went by.

NITE began as a movement, a group (including long-time partners Asko|Schonberg Ensemble, Slagwerk Den Haag, MAISON the FAUX, and Ascon de Nijs) of like-minded creators who together created a manifest defining the specific, interdisciplinary way of working. In early May 2023, it was decided to abandon the name Noord Nederlands Toneel and continue under the name NITE.

With NITE, we mix theatre, dance, music, fashion, film, and visual art. Interdisciplinary theatre is therefore – also literally – our middle name.

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