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Rosie Reith

Rosie was born in London, in 1999, but not long after that she and her family moved to
Cambridge where she discovered the good things in life: books, bicycles, comedy, and post-punk.
She wanted to be an actress, until one day, aged 12, her older sister dared her to try and make it
as a dancer. She’s still working on it.

With her collective in the UK, Petri Delights, she makes physical theatre with human-sized
designs of bacteria. Zero-waste, because the planet needs saving. Following her internship with the Poetic Disasters Club, she has made her debut as part of our ensemble in Noord Nederlands Toneel’s BEFORE/AFTER.

She fell upon the Poetic Disasters Club by total mistake, but it turned out to be a happy accident:

“Everyone here is just gorgeous both inside and out. I am so happy and grateful to be here!”

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