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Camilo Chapela Mazariegos was born in 1980 in Mexico and was – when he still had hair- one of the last red-headed Mexicans in the world. After a successful diving career (his biggest wish was to be able to fly, and this came the closest) he studied music at a conservatory for three years. There he decided that he wanted to become a dancer and switched to the National School for Contemporary and Classical Dance in Mexico City. After he was asked to kindly not come back after one year, he moved to Brazil, got an enormous tattoo of a phoenix on his back, and was taken on by the dance troupe Quasar Cia da Dança where he stayed for seven years. When he heard in 2011 that Club Guy & Roni was looking for a dancer, he flew (sadly in an airplane) to the Netherlands; it seemed like a great idea to him to live in Amsterdam for a bit. Only after noticing that the car ride from Schiphol was getting pretty long did he realize that the company was not based in Amsterdam. Ever since then, he is one of the colorful dancers of Club Guy & Roni and has pledged his heart to Groningen.

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