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Lena Niessen

Danser (Poetic Disaster Club)

Poetic Disasters Club season 12: Lena Niessen

May we introduce.. LENA NIESSEN (she/her), born and raised in, not Berlin, not Hamburg, not Munich but fabulous little well-known Rhede, Germany where she started dancing before she could walk.

“My parents told me that as a baby I used to hold onto the table and shake my butt really fast whenever music was playing.”
Once she was old enough to not hold onto a table anymore, to be able to stand up, she started taking dance classes at the local dance studio, which led to her falling in love with it so much that she gave up all her hopes and dreams of becoming rich and decided to become a dancer instead. 💛

To pursue her dance career, she moved to Arnhem to study at ArtEZ and ended up being selected as 1/3rd of PDC Season 12 (which she declares she manifested in the first year of her study, I tell you manifestation works people!!) ⚡

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