Julie Boellaard - NiteNITE

Julie Boellaard


The little girl with big emotions, born in Botswana, has arrived; JULIE! πŸ•Š

This expressive feminist tries to find the perfect balance between chaos and structure, but most of the time her inner chaotic wins. Her mouth runs quicker than her thoughts, that’s the reason why she is not a great liar.. 🌈

The people around her wanted and expected her to be a professor, doctor or anything like that, but why be a professor if you can play one? So, she followed her dream becoming an actress and theatremaker. πŸ’˜

This Dutch actress mostly has cold hand and feet, but a really warm heart. In her life and artistic work she tries to find balance between emotions and logic. Tries to find balance. Tries. Zodiac: Libra. What else?

Her expressive way of being may overwhelm you, but it all comes from a really big heart. Julie is a loving, loyal, enthusiastic and energetic person. She comes to rest on and near water and fireplaces. 🌊πŸ”₯

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