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Gina van Os


Buenos dias chicos y chicas. Here she is: GINA! Our very own local Dutchy, with also Spanish blood in her soul. Born and raised in Amsterdam. But truly spent her time in her own imagination. Storylines, people and characters would always have the greatest part of her attention.

The last year of the Theaterschool in Arnhem and now she is arrived on PLANET PDC – the place to be to come together and make new stories. πŸͺπŸ’«

She’s an actress, passionate mover, fashionista, designer, musical lover, Michael Jackson fan (his music), obsessed with vintage frills, food lover; mostly the special Spanish dish from her grandmother, city walker, pearls, caps, scarf shopper and the reason why she’s on this planet is to spend her time with lovely people and set the table ready with flowers and candles. πŸ’

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