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Weekend Break Festival is TWO EVENINGS of uncompromising and daring performance art, combined with endless after parties. The festival is curated by your favorite dance company also know as US 😜

New to Weekend Break Festival? Well let us tell you what it’s all about. Our curator Roni Haver (yes, the famous one) aims to show new, inspiring makers to a diverse audience. This approach results in an uncompromising and daring program, with performances in which the interdisciplinary collaboration between different art forms is key. The next Weekend Break Festival will take place on 12 and 13 April 2019 in Grand Theater Groningen.

Check out the program for Weekend Break Festival 2019


“About the beauty of pain.”

Intense performance by The Poetic Disasters Club. Directed by Mart van Berckel and Angela Herenda.

The Double

“Encounter the déjà vu of yourself.”

Dance duet by The Double Collective.
Choreography by Dalton Jansen.

Three Reflections

“Three compositions for string quartet and live electronics, in an audiovisual setting with video and lights.”

An overwhelming audiovisual performance by Thys, Setareh Nafisi and Nicholas Thayer.


“No description.”

Performance by Georgia Lyell and Olympia Kotopoulos.
Directed by Tatiana Matveeva.

How to… (cope with a) break up? #tuto”

“Take your tissues, a shoulder to cry on and let’s gather to celebrate the departure of the ones that don’t deserve us.”

Solo performance by Arno Verbruggen.


Afterparty with Black Dynamite Soundsystem, Guilty Bangers & HOMOOST.

Black Dynamite Soundsystem (photo) will host the afterparty on Friday. Guilty Bangers will do so on Saturday. After the afterparty (01:30) visitors of Weekend Break Festival may enter HOMOOST (Oosterstraat 13a) for a reduced rate of 5 euros.


Sat 13 Apr 19:30

Weekend Break Festival

Grand Theatre Groningen
Fri 12 Apr 19:30

Weekend Break Festival

Grand Theatre Groningen

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