Meet NITE's new dramaturge FRIEDERIKE SCHUBERT - NiteNITE

Meet NITE’s new dramaturge FRIEDERIKE SCHUBERT

We welcome Friederike as the new company dramaturge with Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni, succeeding  Robbert van Heuven.

In 2021 Friederike met NITE’s director Guy Weizman for the first time in Hannover, where they worked together on the theater film ‘3 poems’ for NITE Delivery and the interdisciplinary performances Freedom and Bitch, I am a Godess.

In my work as a dramaturge I find it essential to tackle the burning issues of our time on stage and off. I strongly believe that we have to create a community to face issues like sexism, racism and homohostility and make art that talks fearlessly and sustainably about these topics.” – Friederike Schubert

As a company dramaturge, Friederike is involved as a dramaturge in the upcoming NITE performance Yara’s Wedding in co-production with Schauspiel Hannover, which will premiere on February 24 in Germany and March 4 in Groningen.

We are so excited to continue our work with Friederike and can’t wait to see what the coming years have in store!


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