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My First Tragedy: Iphigeneia

What drives a father sacrifice his child – and what drive a child to let itself be sacrificed?

In My First Tragedy: IPHIGENEIA, directors Mart van Berckel and Angela Herenda aren’t looking for rational answers, but instead will be peeling the Greek tragedy down to its non-rational core, while zooming in on everything we prefer to look away from in everyday life.  The research phase has now been completed and team Tragedy is preparing for rehearsals!

My First Tragedy: IPHIGENEIA will premiere on February 17th and tour the Netherlands until April 13th. 

“I’m very excited to work with my creative partner Mart and the team again! We work hard but we also have a lot of fun. There’s a level of trust we have in each other’s process after all the projects we have done so far. It makes making feel like play.”⁠ – Angela Herenda

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