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How do 8 different illustrators see the future?

The Brave New World 2.0 zine is now for sale.

A zine is a homemade and self-published magazine. We invited the Groningen based illustrator Maarten Huizing to curate a zine for the NITE show Brave New World 2.0. Because we are fans of his work, and we are curious how artists see the future. The ZINE consists of 8 illustrations and text from the script. The illustrators are:

Levi Jacobs – NL- Rotterdam
Zhou Gifan – CN- Groningen
Jaime Jacob – NL- Groningen
Denislav Golemanov – BG- Groningen
Maarten Huizing – NL- Groningen
Marjolein Schalk – NL- Tilburg
Bobbi Oskam – NL- Utrecht
Joblin Agteresch – NL- Groningen

Below you see photos of the ZINE release with a sneak preview of the work in the zine.

You can buy the ZINE for 5 euros at one of our shows, or for 8 euros (including shipping costs) via this link.


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