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Ascon de Nijs

Stage Designer

Ascon de Nijs (1963, Vlaardingen) was active in the early nineties as a self-taught visual artist. He then studied scenography at the Royal Academy in The Hague with Mirjam Grote Gansey and was assistant designer of Jan Versweyveld and Marc Warning.

Ascon de Nijs has been the permanent designer of Guy Weizman and Roni Haver for over 20 years -on average they create about 3 to 4 productions per season- for Club Guy & Roni and for 3 years at the Noord Nederlands Toneel, where they received the prize for the best production at the theater festival with the production ”Salam” in 2018.

As a designer, de Nijs started at Galili Dance where he became acquainted with the design of stage images for modern dance.He worked intensively with Izik Galili for a long period, both at home and abroad (including Gulbenkian Ballet, National Finish ballet, National ballet from Prague ). He also made stage images for various other choreographers such as; Leine Roebana, André Gingras, Backbone Alida Dors, Stephen Shropshire, Anouk van Dijk, Arthur Rosenfeld (Maas / Meekers Pronounced Dance), the Scapino Ballet and Dutch National Ballet.

Ascon de Nijs was co-artistic director of location theater group Groen IJs for four years (2000-2004). Now De Nijs makes stage productions with Peter de Baan, Ingejan Lighthart Schenk and Gijs de Lange, among others. De Nijs has also been designing both youth theater and musicals for Senf and partners for 10 years and Het Bos theater productions. His design was nominated twice for the musical award and with Chez Brood he received the award ”beste kleine musical van 2016″. Opera maakt Ascon de laatste 5 jaar met Jorinde Keesmaat (opera national de Montpelier; Contemporary opera New York; Opera Zuid en een paar geleden met Marcel Sijm (‘Reimsreisje’ bij de Nationale Opera).

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