Andie Dushime - NiteNITE

Andie Dushime


Actress/ singer
“I was born in Rwanda in 1995. When I was five, I moved to Belgium. I grew up in a white society and was faced with all of its challenges. Strangely enough, I was never really aware of my “struggle;” only now am I slowly realizing how much I actually repressed.

I feel African and European but mostly like a citizen of the world. If we were all to see ourselves a bit more as world citizens, the world would be better off. It is wonderful to put on this performance with this group of people. We understand each other. You can feel each other’s stories – the energy, the power, the vulnerability – I have never done anything like this. In theater and on television, the black woman is usually cast one-dimensionally: she is either the ‘sassy lady,’ the ‘angry black woman,’ or the ‘white woman’s best friend.’ Since the entire cast is black, we can show off many more aspects.”

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