Fall Failing Open Call - NiteNITE

Actor/performers wanted for Fall Failing! 

Are you an actor/performer in their final year(s) of education? And do you want to get to know NITE and other creatives (writers, directors) in a quick and dirty weeklong workshop in Groningen? Apply to FALL FAILING NOW! 

Apply to the NITE Fall Failing if: 

  • You are in your final year(s) of studies in the areas of acting/performing, writing and directing 
  • You are looking for an unusual creative experience, NITE style.  
  • You are interested in meeting NITE Groningen. 
  • You are brave. 

What we offer:  

  • A weeklong accommodation + meals
  • Our facilities and our emotional and creative support.
  • If your project is (or becomes) artistically relevant for NITE, there may be an option for further development.  

NITE Fall Failing will take place between the 4th and the 10th of November 2023. All participants must be available during the full time period.


An overview:

✔️ If you are a writer, your work starts on Saturday. You get introduced to the topic and join a workshop led by writer Rik van den Bos. Then it’s all brainstorming, writing, and re-writing from there. 

✔️ On Sunday evening the other participants arrive, and you’ll meet your colleagues, hear who is in your collaborators’ crew, and we will get to know each other over dinner. 

✔️ On Monday morning, you simply begin making.  

✔️ Every evening the crews come together, discuss the process, and present the results of their work to the other participants and the mentors.  

✔️ On Friday, we will present the projects in theater de Machinefabriek, to a curious public that understands the context and might ask questions, after which we will throw one of our infamous NITE parties.  

✔️ On Saturday, you get on with your life, with new insights, experience, inspiration, and new artistic partners. 

✔️ We want to get to know you in a workshop setting rather than an awkward conversation or an audition. We want to see you work, collaborate and handle creative pressure cooker situations.

✔️ Writers start on the 4th, and actors and directors start with dinner on the 5th.

✨ Your mentors are: Friederike Schubert (head dramaturg NITE), Rik van den Bos (house writer NITE), Guy Weizman (artistic director NITE), and the NITE ensemble (Sarah Janneh, Bram van der Heijden, & Bien De Moor).

Submissions for the Open Call are now closed.

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