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With Club Invites, we invite international choreographer to join the Club. For the third edition: Finnish director and choreographer Cecilia Moisio.

Moisio is one of the Netherlands’ most eclectic directors and choreographers, and a winner of the ‘Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen’ young audience award. She has also twice been nominated for ‘De Zwaan’ award of the VSCD Theatre and Concert Hall Federation. Moisio has worked with Club Guy & Roni on several occasions, and makes expressively theatrical pieces on key contemporary issues. Her sensual, in-your-face performance about the vulva “V” in collaboration with Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club (junior company), was a smash hit at De Parade festival.

V is wild and brutal…, a hypnotic trip in which the performers expose many different facets of the vagina… Their energy is infectious, the choreography immaculate. This has to be one of the most surprising Parade performances of recent years.” – NRC on ‘V’

Cecilia Moisio and ADI(C)SCO writer Aska Hayakawa.

Cecilia Moisio is fascinated by the unconscious behaviour patterns forced on us by others’ expectations and social norms. As a self–proclaimed “psychological activist”, she is always looking for the factors underlying our motives, emotions, and behaviour. Her performances confront her audiences with unspoken taboos and break down elaborately constructed facades. They are dynamic and interdisciplinary, somewhere between theatre, dance, and performance art, full of raw emotions and humour and pure, controlled choreography.

I recognize a certain temperlessness in my work. In it I also seek the extremities and the limits.” – Cecilia Moisio

Club Guy & Roni sat with Cecilia to talk about the creation process of her Club Invites performance ADI(C)SCO. Read the full interview below.

Interview Cecilia moisio

Rehearsals ADI(C)SCO, feb. 2024 | Diederik Winchester

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