Starting March 13, ClubNITE and De Noorderlingen introduce 2PERFORM!

We invite you to join us weekly to work on your performing skills. We take inspiration from the themes of NITE & Club Guy & Roni during the workshops. And as you know we work very flexible, you’re welcome when it suits you. But we prefer to see you back every week!

2PERFORM consists of at least 10 weekly workshops. The first four workshops will be taught by Nicole Cain Bakker. She’ll work with you on different styles of performance, text, improvisation, movement and body work.

The following workshops you will work with Cynthia de Vries towards creating your own performance (individual and/or as a group), from a concept, to script, to costume and scenography. For the real die-hards there is the option to work towards a presentation of your own work in the last two workshops. The entire process will be inspired by The Underground, the latest performance by NITE and Club Guy & Roni.

Classes will begin on Wednesday, March 13.
Thereafter every Wednesday from 18:30–20:30

Day ticket: € 7,50
5 strippenkaart: € 25
10 strippenkaart: € 40,00

** Note: PIN ONLY **


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