Looking for a place 2 dance? Look no further!

Young NITE introduces 2Dance: workshops for non-professional dancers by contemporary dancer Gaja Rupnik Caruso (Poetic Disasters Club, Before/After). The weekly workshop takes place in Theater De Machinefabriek, Bloemstraat 38 in Groningen.

About Gaja

I am interested in creating a body-positive dance practice using floorwork, contact and improvisation. The focus is on awakening our inner child and the need to test, try and explore. I’m curious about each person recognising their learning process as we tackle complex coordinations, imaginative choreographies as well as bad-ass dance tricks and through that process finding a new kind of patience and kindness to ourselves.The course is inclusive to all levels, bodies and backgrounds, everyone welcome.

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The 2Dance workshops are held weekly in Theater de Machinefabriek, Bloemstraat 38 in Groningen. We are SUPER flexibel. You can decide every week whether you want to participate that week or not.


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Costs are 7.50 per lesson or 17.50 per month.

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