OPEN CALL FORTUNE. For exciting Indian music producers. Deadline 30 April 2022.

FORTUNE is a new theatre performance. An interdisciplinary cross-cultural co-production between Navdhara India Dance Theatre (India), Club Guy & Roni (Netherlands) and Slagwerk Den Haag (percussion group The Hague) (Netherlands). They are individually, one of the best in their fields in their respective countries and make a strong team to deliver a world class, thought provoking work. The work will be co-directed and co-choreographed by Guy Weizman, Roni Haver and Ashley Lobo.

The Fortune open call is directed at Indian music producers. You’re asked to create a 1-2 minute track, using  the ‘FORTUNE’S SOUND BANK’ from Slagwerk Den Haag. If selected, those tracks will be incorporated in FORTUNE’s musical composition. About 20 different tracks will be selected.

How to participate?


You will get a link to download “FORTUNE’S SOUND BANK”. You are ready to start creating.

Fortune’s sound bank comprises part of our arsenal of percussion instruments. We expect you to use some sounds of our Fortune’s sound bank and mix them with sounds and rhythms of your own. Which sounds and ideas you will use from our Fortune’s sound bank is entirely up to you. We don’t expect you to use only our sounds, but if that is your choice, go for it. You can watch our Slagwerk Den Haag videos as an inspiration.

The deadline to submit your tracks (MP3 format) is 30 April 2022. Selected tracks must be submitted as final tracks and stems separately in 48khz 24bits.


Who can participate?

Any music creator/producer from India.

Can I send more than 1 track?

Yes, you can send a maximum of 3 tracks per participant. Each track will be rewarded independently.

How will my music be presented/performed?

The tracks we select will be modified and combined by us to become part of a bigger music composition. We might just use a section of your track, or maybe just a melody or some rhythms. That is something we will discover once we have all the tracks.The final result will be part of a dance production, performed in a live setting by 3 members of Slagwerk Den Haag, using acoustic and electronic instruments. The performance will tour Dutch theatres (about 30 performances) between October-December 2022. Potentially Fortune may be presented internationally as well.

What do we offer?
Each selected track will be rewarded with the amount of 10,500 rupees.

When do I know if I am selected?

The selected tracks will be announced via email

What about copyrights?
The producers own the rights of their own tracks in the original format. The copyrights of the modified versions will stay with Slagwerk Den Haag. The music will be used in performances and publicity of Fortune (and related work) anywhere in the world.

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